Up until now, when you forgot about charging, your play session was over before it even started.
Now, you can forget about charging, in the best possible way.
Feature-rich and user friendly, the Player Bounty Charging Dock makes living all your many lives that much easier.

Product Specifications

Width: 9 in / 23 cm
Length: 13.7 in / 35 cm
Height: 4 in / 10 cm
Height (with controllers):
7 in / 18 cm
Weight: 4.4 lb / 2kg
Color: White with black base

Price: $48.99

The Only One Of Its Kind

There is truly nothing like the Player Bounty Charging Dock in the VR world. The reason: because we made it after closely listening to VR gamers, adventure seekers, escape artists and bounty hunters... or in other words, you!

Us vs. Them

Player Bounty Charging Dock


Above and Beyond
Charges the optional 'Elite Strap With Battery'.
Does not have that capability.
Knuckle Down
Extra clearance so knuckle grips remain on controllers when in position.
No extra space: requires removal of knuckle grips every time.
Right Size
Space-saving design with controllers placed inside headset.
Elongated shape with controllers on either side of headset.
Aesthetic Detail
Accurately color matched to the Oculus Quest 2.
Mismatched shade of white.

Ask Yourself

Do you want the most innovative home for your Oculus Quest 2?
Do you want to finally be able to say that you have taken the last step on your journey towards the perfect virtual reality set-up?
Take it from us, gamer-to-gamer, the Player Bounty Charging Dock is the gift that keeps on giving.

Finally, a way to display your Oculus Quest 2 with pride.

For Design

The days of struggling with wires and tangles are over. The Player Bounty Charging Dock elevates the design and overall look of any VR station, becoming the minimalist, sleek centrepiece that looks great on display.

For Convenience

All you have to do is put your Oculus Quest 2 down. That's it. Automatic and magnetized, the Player Bounty Charging Dock literally picks up what you put down, charging your headset instantly. No need to plug anything in.

For Yourself

We want to make your transition between this reality and the virtual one as seamless as possible. Go further than before, to increased immersion and total freedom. We have created for you the final missing piece to complete your VR experience.