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Frequently Asked Questions

Worldwide chip shortages have affected many industries, including our own. However not much longer to go now, with delivery of our first batch to be in Q1 2022. But don't delay, pre-order now for 30% off and be sure you get your unit ASAP.

We will be shipping worldwide.

Due to the different position of the USB-C port on the Quest 1, it is not compatible.

Yes it is. We have meticulously designed it and taken extra care to engineer electrical componentry to the highest international standards.

No it doesn’t. We figure our customers can put the charging cable and wall adapter that came with their Oculus Quest 2 to good use.

Currently, the Player Bounty Charging Dock is our one and only product, however we have every intention to develop other cool accessories. We can’t disclose anything yet, but follow us on social media and subscribe to our mailing list for upcoming product news!

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